Good things come from Out of The Blue…

Back in the 90’s I began an occasional meditation practice that surprised me with its power.

A name for the new documentary company I envisioned came to me in one of these meditations — out of the blue  — as I sat and breathed, breathed and sat, one Saturday morning in northern New Jersey as sun streamed through low windows, onto the wood floors, warming me.

All good things come from Out of The Blue, I thought then.
Bad stuff may come out of ‘left field’, but promising, invigorating,
outstanding life surprises come from Out of The Blue.

Fourteen years and many award-winning documentaries later, through the Great Recession and other trials, here we are. Still telling exceptional stories with vigor and joy — stories that explore, articulate, and celebrate humanity. Not long ago, our generous friend Mary Catherine Bunting made it possible for us to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Amazing board members have helped us to thrive, especially with key projects from author, philanthropist, filmmaker, and friend
Deborah Santana.

Now every dollar you donate to help tell the world’s most compelling stories is tax-deductible.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!  We look forward to moving farther ahead, together with you.

~Barbara Rick, President & Founder, Out of The Blue Films, Inc.

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